Creative Writing

Short Story Competition.

My English teacher fervently thrust an entry form for The Bridport Prize 2012, which is essentially a short story/poetry/flash fiction competition, into my hands on entering Room 41 today. The winner of said competition will not only have gloating rights and an overwhelming sense of supreme writerdom but would also be five thousand pounds richer. Personally, I’m in it for the gloating.

More information here.

I’ve decided to go for the 5000 word short story. Now I have to think of material If you read my blog a bit, you may have come across an opening I wrote for a story (if you can be arsed, read it here), but I’m really not sure where I can go with it to craft a story of any real value to anyone; it’d probably end up being a self-centered piece of bullcrap which is pretty much a reflection of how much I would like to leave Lincolnshire. Unless I get a radical idea, I doubt I’ll take it anywhere.

What I’d really love to do is tackle an issue that every human being can relate to, and sculpt a narrative in such a way that can realistically reflect something at the heart of the Human Condition. I’m studying two tragedies at the moment which all explore weaknesses and human frailty, the inability to face up to yourself etc. I’m also fascinated by memories; how they are distorted by time, how we can alter and manipulate them for our own selfish pleasure, how some stay clear whereas others don’t. How our own ideology bridges gaps in our understanding which makes every perspective and every truth different from another (Joe Rose in Enduring Love). And stuff. But whatever. I have until the end of May.

Not the most interesting of posts, but I haven’t blogged for a bit and I needed to empty my brain to make space for German vocab, so DEAL WITH IT.