Just a thought.

I’ve been an anxious person all my life, and though my imagination has depth to it, it is sometimes destructive. A tendency to concentrate on particular negative thoughts for hours on end becomes tedious, consuming, even nightmarish. I think we are all susceptible to our minds’ capacity to provoke worry and gloom. So, I did this a couple of weeks ago.


This is not just a new innovative form of procrastination (although I freely admit I put Frankenstein down to pursue this). I wanted to externalise all these things that cloy my thought processes because fixing on a particular thought is often inescapable. I hoped that some psychological snag would unravel itself on closing the jar, as if I would feel as though I could banish it from my mind too. And yes, sometimes I indulge myself and read the things that have gripped me like some cognitive plague because it is important to contemplate. Only then can you twist the jar shut, and move on.

I’m also very conscious of losing sight of the positives. We are guilty of despairing when the minutest detail ceases to fit our expectations. We let the most ridiculous instances ruin any harmony we have in with ourselves. That’s why the “Things to Smile About” jar is there.

And, you’ll see, it’s quite full.


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